North California-3

North California - 3





Stockton, situated amid the farmland of California’s Central Valley, is in Northern California. Interstate 5 and State Route 99, the California’s major north-south corridors, pass through the city. Stockton is connected westward with the San Francisco Bay by the San Joaquin River’s 78 mile channel, and is, with Sacramento, one of California’s two inland sea ports.



Mercer Caverns


Mercer Caverns are located one mile north of Murphys in Calaveras County, California.   They are named after the gold prospector Walter J. Mercer who discovered it around 1885 and were renamed as caverns later.

The caverns have a large number of speleothems, stalactites, and stalagmites.  Under the limestone calcite are a range of aragonite minerals that are pure CaCO3.



Moaning Cavern holds the largest vertical chamber in a public cavern in California.

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Driving Direction

From San Francisco International Airport
1. take Hwy-101 south
2. at San Mateo change to Hwy-92 east and cross San Mateo Bridge
3. before Hayward change to Hwy-880 north
4. at San Lorenzo change to Hwy-580 east and continue on Hwy-205
5. after Tracy take Interstate-5 north
6. at Stockton change to Hwy-4 east
7. continue on Hwy-4 and turn left at Murphys Grade Rd.
8. Murphs Grade Rd. hits Mercer Caverns finally.
(driving time about 2:50 hrs)