Flying over the North Pole

Flying over the North Pole


Polar route

A polar route is an aircraft route across the uninhabited polar ice cap regions.

Once I took a flight from Frankfurt, Germany, to Toronto, Canada, with Lufthansa.  When the air plane was flying over the North Pole the pilot announced on broadcasting “This is captain speaking.  We are now flying over the North Pole …….. “


I took 2 pictures through the window.  But actually there was nothing interested below.



PolarRouteGeneral arrangement of polar routes in the late 20th century (left) and in the 2000s (center) and in the Southern Hemisphere (right).

General configuration of polar routes used by major airlines.


The compass still worked properly.

The Earth’s Poles (North/South) usually mentioned by us refer to the geographic poles of the earth.  They differ from the magnetic poles.  The magnetic poles of the earth are in different locations from the geographic poles.  The Earth’s North and South Magnetic Poles are also known as Magnetic Dip Poles

Geographic polesthe places where the earth’s rotation axis crosses the surface of the earth
Magnetic polesthe places where the magnetic field points straight into or out of the earth’s surface.


North Magnetic Pole        click_here_6_blue
South Magnetic Pole        click_here_6_blue


The magnetic field is a “vector” quantity.  It has a strength and a direction


Flying over the North Pole