Altamont Pass Wind Farm

Altamont Pass Wind Farm



The Altamont Pass Wind Farm is located in the Altamont Pass of the Diablo Range near Livermore, California. It is one of the earliest wind farms in the United States. The wind farm is composed of about 5,000 relatively small wind turbines of various types.    Read more  clickhere_red25



Driving to Altamont Pass Wind Farm
(from San Francisco International Airport)

  1. taking Hwy-101 (Highway-101) south
  2. at Foster City changing to Hwy-92 east to cross San Mateo Bridge
  3. before Hayward changing to Hwy-880 north
  4. after San Lorenzo changing to Hwy-580 east
  5. at about 30~45 min driving you’ll pass Livermore
  6. the Wind Farm is between Livermoor and Tracy.  You’ll see hundreds of Wind Turbines standing on hills.
  7. exit at Patterson Pass Road (intersection – Hwy-580)


San Francisco International Airport


Livermoor <–> Tracy

To Wind Farm – Livermore – Patterson Pass Road, Interstate 580



The working principle of Wind Turbines.


Wind turbines work on a simple principle.  The wind turns the propeller-like blades around a rotor which is connected to the main shaft to spin a generator generating electricity.


Types of Wind Turbine

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1. The wind is free and renewable.  It can be captured efficiently with modern technology.
2. The electricity generated in this way is without producing green house gases nor other pollutants.
3. The wind turbines occupy only a small plot of land.  Therefore in agriculture areas the land below can still be used for farming.
4. Wind turbines can be used in remote areas for generating electricity
5. Wind turbines are designed and built in a wide range of sizes to cater the needs of a vast range of people, for businesses or for domestic application.  Single households to villages and small towns can make good use of the range of wind turbines available today.


Wind Power


How do Wind Turbines work?


What’s inside a wind turbine?